We Are Taking a Break

February 7, 2014

To all our past and future BizLounge members:

We are taking a break from BizLounge as we plan for the future of this group.  BizLounge has been a small, close group of entrepreneurs who shared their successes and struggles with each other and the community for over 10 years.  Last year, in a perfect storm of success, the four long-time board members who had been organizing the meetings and speakers for BizLounge for years experienced major changes that significantly hindered their ability to continue leading the group.  Two members moved out of state and the two that remained experienced so much success in their businesses, there simply wasn’t enough remaining time to focus on BizLounge at the level it required.

This is exactly what BizLounge is intended to foster, SUCCESS!  Unfortunately the synchronicity of the success was bad for the organization.  I, as the former president, sought to build a replacement board.  I was fortunate to find three fantastic entrepreneurs willing to take on the leadership roles for BizLounge, and I stepped into a subordinate role on the board.  Once again, all three experienced so much growth in their respective businesses, BizLounge suffered with the lack of focus we could give it.

Today, as a board we have decided to halt the monthly BizLounge meetings as we search for a new team willing to carry on the legacy of this great organization. We will be closing the MeetUp.com account, so no further notices will be sent to you through MeetUp.  Please join the MailChimp mailing list through the form on this site if you wish to stay in touch.  We will notify you when the group resumes.

Thank you and good luck.

Scott Davis


BizLounge President 2009-2013





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